too all ye bloggers as yet unbourne…

1 05 2008
ok, so it seems that everyone in the universe has a blog these days. and until now, it seemed everyone but me. or as marly put it- GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM DOODLE. yeah, she swears. so anyway, im currently in the process if revamping my shop to have all the millions of things ive made over the past year. so new ads, new products, new uh, new stuff..



One response

11 05 2008

Hi, this is a comment. I can’t wait to visit Flopsie’s store. You know all those warehouse stores? Flopsie’s store is gonna be big. You will need to go around in a golf cart. Except, you will have to get the golf cart somewhere in the warehouse. So until then, wear your leather personnel carriers and walk your ass off.

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