lloyd- opens may 17th

15 05 2008

the refugees of candy cane decided to make their own sim, and move on with their lives. and so we have lloyd. marleen and i both have shops here. the large avian being mine. the big duck. BIG DUCK. i mean, google big duck.

the folks her are fun and and inordinate number of conversations tend to be about meat. hippie vegens stay away. lets see… blah blah, roadside attractions…blah: blah blah, rundown motel…blah-blah, um… oh, theres a shop here called schadenfreude. best shop name ever.





2 responses

16 05 2008

Marly: “the refugees of candy cane” ……….. it’s COTTON CANDY!
flopsie: HAHAHAHA

Flopsie sometimes forgets names. Sometimes she even forgets her own name, but most of the time she just forgets to tie her shoe.

16 05 2008

ive been going the laceless route. its easier. it leaves me more time for forgetting the names of drama sims.

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