the powerplant

23 05 2008

ok. new products. i made a substation building for iron fist, with one of these monster metal machines called rotary converters. they take the the voltage that the power plants make, somewhere around 50 billion volts, and turn that into something more suitable for zapping robert shaw when he touches the 3rd rail in The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3.  yeah, i like old movies.

the power station is 20×20 180 prims. it has many girders. you could save about half the prims if you deleted those, but i like girders, so there.

the power thing is 38 prims. the rotor thing spins. yeah, a total miracle of scripting technology. many sculpties were defiled, abused, threatened and teased mercilessly in the creation of this doodad, just so you could sleep better at night knowing that SL had a big generator kinda thing.




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