1 06 2008

ive been working with these two guys tories canetti and sean augustus who are like the biggest 3d geeks ever. they did thier bar, the neptune as part of a project they were doing for some university thing. its pretty amazing. they took an sl build, exported the parts to a 3d program and then rendered textures with fancvy environmental lighting. dont ask me to explain better than that. they start saying volumetric and caustics and all thgat and my eyes glaze over. it not my bag , man. well maybe it would be if i understood what they were saying.


ok so..  our mutual friend kitten lulu introduced us, and when the educational sim they were on, disapeared, i offered to let them work from iron fist till they were able to make other plans. anyway, they are starting an sl business, and doing prefabs in the gaps around the big jobs, and the first one they did was the diner i did with abbey for the martyred build we did for downtown.

yeah its one of thpose cool streamline deco ones ffrom the 30’s and 40’s. where i live, nyc, they are all over the place. anyway, its seen better days in our version, its not one of those too clean and too prety ones like you see in the movies. our diner has been around, dammit.so its for sale in out shop in this version


so the neptune version, tories and sean worked thier magic, and its really amazing. well. look for yourself…





as you can see, the lighting changes for the time of day, 5 steps in all per day. both of these are for sale in the shop, the lit one for double the price of the non lit one.




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5 02 2009
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