Filthy Capitalists Will Get Whats Coming to Them.

1 06 2008

uh, ok. im a bad retailer. i never really said anything about where to get all my stuff. oops.

you can get all my things on either onrez or slex. that way you can decide who you dislike more, anshe chung or electric sheep. im leaning toward slex these days, onrez is kinda clunky for the lazy retail maven in training.

also 3 shops currently-

Iron Fist.

my main store in my sim. pardon out dust while we rebuild there. my sim. MY SIM.
SMERSH Iron Fist Main Store

Downtown/None of the Above.

my pal, Haedon Quine bought the notorious Downtown and made it into a more suburban sim.  i rent a place on the wrong side of the tracks, and i have a retail shop there, also.


Home of the Starlust Motel. thats Apatias sim i blogged about way back when. i have the Big Duck.





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