People with too much time on their hands

6 06 2008

There are like studies about everything these days.  and every now and then one hits close to home.

These dopes, lets just not mince words and call them shills for the running shoe industry, obviously cant find anything better to do with their time. Seriously, they test 40 people, and its science right? And national news.

Im sorry, but all yer gonna see on my feet between may and november are my tevas. and the folks that wear the cheapies, the ones that have a sole 1/4 inch thick, and you have to walk funny to keep them straight on your feet, well, what do you expect for 3 dollar shoes? Of course thay are gonna make your feet hurt. where as my soft nylon straps and my thick squishy soles, make my feets happy, and my toes get to take in the sights the way no running shoes is ever gonna allow. Yes toeses, running shoes dont really love you, they just tell you what they think you wanna hear so youll shut up and let them watch the game.

studies are stupid. Unless I agree with them, like the ones that say chocolate and coffee are good for you.

Rant ending…………..wait for it……………….NOW!




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