New Stuff for your Butt

7 06 2008


Sculpties dammit.

A new study by the sport medicine center of Podunk university says that sculpties are over all better for ass cushioning than lame old normal prims. and i worry about your ass. so i made these-


See? Plenty of buttocks friendly sculpties. I made them for you. Because i care.

The (Not) May has thinner cushions for those of you that are all modernist and stuff, with animated poses by pillow talk.




The may has thicker cushions for the comfort croud, with exclusive custom animations by Ms. Abbey Underall.





Each couch has 3 sit positions, each with a differnt pose, and a menu to select on of 8 baked color textures. You get 2 throws with 8 colors that can be change independantly also.

And for people like me who just wanna wallow, we did a set of floor cushions. A set of 3 each with an Abbey animated pose, and a menu to pick your chioce of 8 colors, or you can buy them seperately.  Yes i said buy. I want to take your money. Maybe i didnt just make these cuz i read  study and i wanted you to have a healthy hinder. Maybe its as Marly sez and its all about me.  Well, maybe. I admit nothing.




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