I Blame Society…

24 07 2008

hahah- oops!

sorry, ive been pretty lax with the blogging. with the exploding computers and drama lamas and work deadlines, (my day job is a builder in sl too) ive ben a bit lax on the bloggedy. well, dont you worry, by reading my blog, you all still retain my purest, dog like unconditional love. and if you all are in the SMERSH update group, i just sent out a new freebie. thats as good a reason to join a group as any isnt it? free crap?

if you arent in the group and would like some swag, feel free to join now, and send me in im inworld, ill send the latest freebie your way. um, also its not a group, its an update system. my groups are full, and i bet yours are too, so lets try and save the the few open group spots we may or may not have for something more important than a shop sales group.




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