I Was Put on Earth for a Reason

25 07 2008

i was snooping the profiles of some of the folks that just joined the list. yes im nosey. yes, im a profile snooper. think there a new drug they make for that.

[22:34]  Gregg Horten: laser shark isnt a fan either he says
[22:35]  Hallie Galli: and how do we know laser shark is male?
[22:35]  Hallie Galli: it could be a girl lasershark
[22:35]  Gregg Horten: im a lasershark specialist.. i know how to tell the males from the females
[22:35]  Hallie Galli: yeah and how is that?
[22:36]  Gregg Horten: the males have a penis
[22:36]  Hallie Galli: you’ve been checking out lasershark’s junk?
[22:36]  Gregg Horten: yes

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i mean HAHAHAHAHA. this is why one does retail.

thanks hallie for the snort laugh of the day, and the photo.




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