SD series, well the start of it, anyway.

10 11 2008

you just get the press release this time.

SMERSH the SD series-

the asses asked. the buttocks begged. the hinders hinted. the derierres demanded. well,  you get the idea- more stuff to sit on.

the round floor cushion has 2 poses. one bored, and one incredibly bored.
hit page up or page down to pick. sculptingly sculptivated from the sculptilicious sculpted prim,  oh, you get the idea. click the cushion for a choice of 9 colors.  custom sit animations by flopsie mcardle. thats me dammit. and oh… butt dents.

the ottomans each have one custom pose, and a choice of 6 colors.   and butt dents.  all the cool kids are putting butt dents i their furniture.

poopy leans more toward the earth tones, with a pose desperately trying to fain interest in that long pointless story your uncle is telling. fire engines? you dont say?

dopey is more martha stewart in rehab for  its color theme, and the pose… well if you were playing charades, the phrase would be ‘existential angst’

SMERSH SD series floor pillow
mod, no copy, transfer

3 prims

SMERSH SD series ottomans
mod, no copy, transfer

8 prims




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