The Shark, revisited

1 12 2008

so, ive rebuilt the shark with frickin laser beams on its head. the old one, was my second build ever in sl, and its kinda showing its age. well, in my evil lair days, you just couldnt find the right stuff for a proper secret underground base. i desperately needed an atomic sub for the show down, and the shark for the overly complicated trap. and sl just didnt have them, so i became a builder of necessity. the rest, as they say, is boring.

anyway, the new one has way more attitude, and essential quantity in any successful predator. you can see him out in my main store, and ive included, as i did with the last version, a non laser shark, in case you feel the majesty of laser shark too intimidating. or something.smersh-the-shark-v2-rev
the shark press release-
The shark. the fearsome king of the ocean. the apex predator of the deep. hes got teeth. he bites. Yeah well sorry. thats just not good enough for the space age.  i mean anything can just swim around and bite stuff, you know? but lasers, baby.  thats the kinda thing that will make any erstwhile sub-oceanic neil armstrong blow his lines.

so anyway, the shark with f.l.b.o.i.h. it had to be made, it would be made, and it was made. well, remade, this time with all the sculptasticness that was just a glimmer in hippy philip lindens reefer  reddened eye, back when we made the first shark. uh like 2 years ago.

in any event, we have the shark with a frickin laser on its head.  no evil secret lair should be without one.

Shark with laser – 46prims.
Plain shark – 11 prims

Mod, No Copy, Transfer

500 Lindens




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