30 12 2008

well, kinda. the main store is moving down the block in historic iron fist, to the cavern of retail-

uh boo

this damned thing aint letting me upload pictures. well you can see on my flickr.

well heres the press release anyway

ok how do you deal with a building project that never ends and is never finished? well, if you are me, you say the hell with it, and move in anyway.

the SMERSH mainstore moves from its old digs in the power station, right down the street to the um, cavern of retail. we go from a cute little bit of homey squalor that weve just outgrown to the largest store in the universe, that will take us centuries to fill, on iron fists historic ladies mile.

the celebrate this historic occasion, we are gonna do…
um, nothing.

ok, well what i will do, is tomorrow only dec 30, ill put out our new product, “cuba, 1952”, which we havent even put on sale yet.


anyway, if you see me in there ocd-ing on some teenie bit of prim work no one is gonna notice anyway, say hi.

if you care about the history stuff, my new shop is based on the buildings of new york citys historic ladies mile, an area of 6th avenue from the golden age of the department store, where stores vied to be the largest, to have the most varied inventory and stuff like that. basicily the start of all that crass over bearing commercialism that weve all come to expect and love. the outside has a bit of the erich brothers department store seen on 20th street and 6th ave. the inside is a bit of this and that from segal cooper on 18th and 6th, and the ladies pavilion of the 1893 columbian exhibition, and um, my twisted imagination. sorry.




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